Facts About Private Jet Charters

Facts About Private Jet Charters

Mon 23 May 2022

Facts About Private Jet Charters

Fascinating Facts About Private Jet Charters

Private jet charters are popular for business and leisure travel, allowing passengers to get to their destinations with sophistication, comfort, and style. Private charters have numerous advantages, from significant time savings to optimal security and confidentiality mid-flight. In fact, these personalised charters are the hugest and fastest-growing element of the aviation industry. As of 2019, 21 979 active jets were registered worldwide, and optimistic predictions estimate a further 7300 global sales by 2030.

Here we explore some fascinating facts about these private jet charters.

North America has the most jets globally

When it comes to executive travel in the States, private jet charters are undoubtedly the way to go. The United States accounts for a whopping 67 % of business aircrafts, with 15 547 registered in North America alone. This figure is more than all other countries combined, and predictions show that they will grow. The second biggest fleet belongs to Mexico, with 974 registered jets, and lastly, Canada with 532. Oceania and Australia have the lowest number of jets, with only 230 registered as active in 2019. The industry is worth billions, and some experts predict it will grow by 10 % per annum.

Not all flights have passengers

Unfortunately, some flights are completely empty – bar the pilot and the co-pilot. These flights are known as empty leg flights, and they occur when the craft has to make a return trip. They waste a great deal of fuel, resulting in substantial financial losses for aircraft operators. Happily for passengers, however, this can offer some fantastic financial savings. Travellers with flexible schedules can explore the AFIJET site for empty leg charters and enjoy some brilliant cost savings if they find a flight that fits in with their agenda.

They're the preferred transport mode of the rich and famous

Many celebrities would rather escape the hassle of busy airports and crowds by chartering their own planes, and some of them even fly them themselves. In fact, several high-profile celebs, including John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruise have obtained pilot licences. Other stars prefer to be passengers, including Bill Gates, who owns a private jet worth $40 million. It's no wonder that private planes evoke images of celebs when a considerable majority own them.

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