What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Private Jets?

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Private Jets?

Fri 08 Apr 2022

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Private Jets?

Search ‘Private Jet’ on Wikipedia and one is taken to their ‘Business Jet’ page highlighting their history and how they have evolved since their inception in the 1950s. Wikipedia further highlights upcoming models, their types as well as information on operators and classes.

In this brief article, our objective is to usher you to the practical aspects of the elite world of private jets beyond the five thousand words Wikipedia write-up. Keep reading if you are looking to hire or buy one or are interested to understand the essence of this industry.

Let’s step into the curious world of private jets:

How much does a private jet cost?

Well it can cost anywhere from $3 million onwards. A light jet that seats seven averages ~$4.5 million; midsize seating ~$13 million; heavy jet seating ten ~$64 million, and so on.

Leasing or renting is generally considered a more viable option because of the flexibility it offers and to avoid the associated overheads of buying and operating a jet. This is where charter brokers acting as agents between the customer and the aircraft operator play a significant role. They hold several hats in the charter industry for both customers seeking charter travel (matching their travel needs with the best aircraft and route options) and aircraft operators (acting as marketing and sale agents).

Are Private Jets Safe?

Yes, they are indeed very safe. Several safety inspections are carried out just like commercial airlines.

How about speed compared to commercial airliners?

It depends on several factors including route, aircraft model etc. But on an average small jets are slower. On the other hand medium and long-range jets are faster because they are built for speed and efficiency. These fly at higher altitudes avoiding commercial airline traffic.

What are the main appeals of private jets?

Top-notch service, privacy, reliable departure/arrival times, utmost luxury, extensive food options, speed & convenience, option to carry pets, easy-to-reach airports and no queues or long waits, to name a few amongst many. Private jets are the epitome of luxury and wealth.

Can I travel private if I am not a billionaire, CEO, celebrity or world leader?

Yes, private jets no longer coddle only a few. Probably, you can experience flying private too depending on your route and schedule. Empty legs (flight travelling ‘empty’, i.e. with no passengers – often for repositioning purposes) can run very reasonable. A reputed charter broker can assist you find the most reasonable options suited to your needs. Uber-style private jet options are also available in some countries.

Types of Private Jet Charter

They are broadly classified as:

Private jets
Business jets
Air ambulance
In Conclusion

Private Aviation is on the cusp of entering a new era. Aboard – Cessna Citations, Gulfstream, Embraer, Bombardier & Boeing – is not only unprecedented customer service, safety & value for time; but designer interiors with evolving concepts of customization & luxury and amazing inflight entertainment & connectivity (IFEC).

Further, private jets are becoming more and more viable for non-billionaires than a few decades ago. They are and will always be the ultimate means of getting from point A to B. It’s more easy & faster than ever to book one; thanks to charter brokers with the knowledge & information on a wide range of aircraft options available for their clients.