Be in Control With a Private Jet Rental

Be in Control With a Private Jet Rental

Mon 23 May 2022

Be in Control With a Private Jet Rental

Getting There Graciously With a Private Jet Rental

For some, the notion of renting a jet might be foreign, but they’re still to understand what regular private jet rental clients already know. Private jet rental introduces travellers to a whole new world. More than just semantic posturing, the distinctions between commercial air travel and private jet rental are stark, and private flight is a unique experience.

Remember sitting in your car on the way to the airport last time you took a commercial flight? Well, the car is yours, you’re relaxed and completely in control. Of course, you may experience the opposite when travelling on a commercial flight. A crowd of passengers must be accommodated, the boarding process is slow, and there is zero control over the aircraft and flight. In addition, direct communication with the flight crew is rarely an option.

With Private Jet Rental, You’re Always in Control

Private jet rental allows you to continue in your travels as though you’re still sitting in your car. Freedom, in a word, is what private jet rental is all about. Of course, no matter what you drive, the comfort and luxury aboard a private jet are far more copious, but the fact remains that private flight never requires you to abandon your indulgences, far from it. Rather than being obligated to steel yourself for the queue at a commercial terminal, private jet clients can sail through their lounge in under two minutes.

Of course, many clients prefer to spend time in our private charter lounges. The refreshments on offer are a sufficient reason to linger, but you’ll also have the option of making use of the shower facilities to freshen up, getting a relaxing massage to relieve tension or availing yourself of a host of additional luxury services that combine to form the ultimate lounge experience. Whether you are in a rush or have time to indulge in our comprehensive service offering, there is no doubt that your private lounge experience will be unmatched.

AFIJET is the Ultimate Private Jet Rental Experience

At AFIJET, we remain true to your integrity and style at every turn in your journey. We’ll chauffeur or fly you to the airfield in a helicopter, pamper you in the lounge, and spoil you copiously when in flight. We’re defining luxury air travel, and we train extensively behind the scenes to make sure that your experience is pleasurable.

Call us first when it’s time to fly, and we’d be happy to demonstrate why our regular clients wouldn’t be caught flying any other way. We’re the last word in luxury travel and are proud of the way we show it, live it, and make it available to you.