Fri 08 Apr 2022


Flying in a private jet not only offer prestige and convenience. With security lines becoming longer, airports becoming more unmanageable and the constant headache delays that have become part of flying – well those in the know (and with the right means) now avoid all of those nightmares.

To complete the inflight experience we focus on every little detail on the flight including catering.

In the private jet world, anything is possible. Five star menu from five star hotels are merely a phone call away. From Foie Grass, Caviar, Gruyere Cheese with Champagne, we do not restrict the passengers to airport catering as sky is the limit.

On our recent flight, our client ordered for a specific drink to be served on his flight an hour before his jet was to take off. In this case we had to call the ground handling services to order the 14 year old Scotch that the client requested. This is where we would use all resources to ensure that this is ready and available when the client boards his flight.

On-demand travel is the essence of business aviation, symbolizing the freedom of mobility to serve a business requirement, an urgent life matter or even a spontaneous life desire.

The accessibility of business aviation to a broader base of customers is not a new demand or opportunity, but the bridge over the vast span between business and commercial aviation that must be expanded to deliver aviation services to more companies, executives and professionals who will recognize the tangible productivity gains of non-stop business from affordable premium transportation solutions.

Whether the client wants European Flair, Arabic Chic or Asian Fusion Menu, Delta World Charter will deliver any of the catering demands you or your clients make.

Call our team of Charter Specialists anytime to experience this unique and unmatched dining experience 35000 feet above the ground on +905330731555 or email us at sales@afijet.com