Business Aviation Frequently Asked Questions

Business Aviation Frequently Asked Questions

Tue 12 Apr 2022

Business Aviation Frequently Asked Questions

What is an empty leg flight?
An empty leg flight is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home “empty,” or when it flies "empty" to pick up passengers at another airport. It is estimated that one in three private jet trips are empty legs.

Are the aircraft safe?
We go to great lengths to ensure all featured jet operators have updated Aircraft Operator Certificates, operating licenses and insurance documents. In addition to this, all chartered aircraft are new or recently renovated and piloted by two professional pilots/co-pilot, in accordance with the regulation of the civil aviation authority of the aircraft's registration country.
On larger jets, a flight attendant will be on-board, to cater for the comfort and needs of the passengers, but also to ensure their safety during the flight.

Why are empty legs so affordable?
Empty legs are so affordable because the initial passenger has already paid for the empty leg when booking their trip, so the fixed cost of the flight is covered. Therefore the operator can allow other passengers to fly on this aircraft at bargain prices.
Discounts on empty legs vary between 40–70% compared to regular charter flights.

What are the restrictions of flying on empty legs?
The chief restriction with empty legs is availability. These flights are not immediately available when and wherethey may be needed. Luck determines whether an aircraft will be available for your desired itinerary at your preferred travel time. However, we monitor all empty legs on the market and will do everything we can to accommodate your request.
A second restriction is choice of aircraft. Aircraft are chosen by the original passenger. Once again, luck determines if an empty aircraft meets your needs in terms of size, age and passenger capacity.
Consequently, the more flexible you are in terms of timing or destination, the more chances you have of finding an empty leg.

How can I find out about empty legs?
Our website offers a short selection of currently available empty leg flights. Please note that not every empty leg option is displayed. Call us and one of our Private Aviation Advisors will find flights best suited to your trip.
By registering for free on, you can save your favourite itineraries. The moment we are informed of an empty leg flight, it is entered into our system and members who may potentially be interested in the trip are notified via email. No more than two of these email alerts will be sent per week.

What if an empty leg is not available on the day I wish to travel?
If no empty legs are available to accommodate your itinerary, we will try to modify or reroute an empty leg flight.

What is a “rerouted empty leg”?
A rerouted empty leg is exactly what it sounds like – an empty leg diverted from its original course in order to pick up or drop off passengers. For example, imagine there is an empty leg scheduled to fly from New York to Paris and you wish to fly, at the best possible price, from New York to London.
We negotiate with the flight operator to stop in London first to drop you off and then continue on to its final destination.
Since modified empty legs still have part of their cost already paid for, sizeable discounts are still possible. They can vary from 10–50% off the regular chartered flight price, depending on the modification (distance, time) and the size of the aircraft.

Are empty legs guaranteed?
As empty leg flights depend on the initial flight taking place, they cannot be fully guaranteed. For long-haul flights, we can usually guarantee empty legs two to three days in advance. For short-haul flights, empty legs are guaranteed one or two days before. You will always be informed of the status of the empty leg and will not be asked to pay until the flight is confirmed.
In case of cancellation, AFI JET Private Aviation Advisors are available 24/7 and will find an alternative solution for your trip.

What if no empty legs are available and none can be modified to fit my itinerary?
This is the third step in our search to find you the best prices. If no empty legs are available and none can be modified, we will contact our partner operators and negotiate the best prices for an on-demand charter flight.

What is an on-demand charter flight?
On-demand charter flights are aircraft that you hire for a flight at the time you decide and on the itinerary you choose. You control every detail. You select your aircraft according to size, age and your budget. Once approved and paid for, the aircraft is guaranteed for you and your guests to fly as requested.
AFI JET offers very competitive prices for these flights, as we negotiate preferential rates with operators based on a high volume of flight hours year after year.

What are the advantages of on-demand charter flights?
AFI JET negotiates and confirms the flight for you in advance. Thus your trip, unlike an empty leg flight, is 100% guaranteed. With on-demand charter flights, you have more control. You can choose the aircraft most suited to your flight(s) according to factors like distance travelled, airport, nationality of the aircraft and more. If you are flying and returning on the same day (or one or two days later), it is usually more economical to book an on-demand charter flight. Negotiations dictate that the aircraft waits for you and flies you back, thus minimising the cost. For multi-city itineraries, it is also more economical to book an on-demand charter, which we can guarantee and organise according to your timing restrictions.

Why use AFI JET?
There are many reasons to choose AFI JET as your private flight broker. Whether it’s for an empty leg, a modified empty leg or an on-demand charter flight, we will always negotiate the best price for your flight(s). Our commission rate is low and we depend on your satisfaction and future loyalty to propel our business.
When you submit a flight request, we reply quickly with your options and all the pertinent information, allowing you to make your decision with total confidence.
Before, during and after your flight, we monitor activities to ensure all goes as planned, including advising office contacts, assistants,mfriends or loved ones on the movements of the aircraft for peace of mind and logistics coordination.
Most importantly, we are honest and share all information up-front, so that the best decision can be made together.

How can I become a AFIJET member?
Membership is free all you have to do is sign up. Once registered, you will be able to save your favourite itineraries and routes on your personal profile. This is beneficial for empty leg flights. The moment we are informed of an empty leg flight, it is entered into our system, and members who may potentially be interested in the trip are notified via email. No more than two of these email alerts will be sent per week.