Private Jet Charter is Greener than you Think

Private Jet Charter is Greener than you Think

Fri 08 Apr 2022

Private Jet Charter is Greener than you Think

Private Jet Charter is Greener than you Think – AFI JET

There is a common misconception that travelling by private charter is bad for the environment.
One just needs to look at the myriad of articles posted about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio. After all, these are the people with influence that
promote green and sustainable living. Why would they do something as irresponsible as flying
on a private jet? Logic dictates that they must join the masses using public aerial transport i.e.
commercial flights.
Ultimately this reasoning is flawed. It suffers from a form of fallacy, wherein a logical argument
is taken to an illogical conclusion. Let us use a simple case study to examine the cost and
benefits of flying private charter.

A tale of two consumers

According to Forbes, in 2018, Berlin managed to attract 13.5 million visitors and each visitor
spent an average of USD 227. This means that a Boeing 737, which accommodates 150
passengers, brings in around USD 34,050. Assuming an average flight time of 3 hours each
direction, this leads to CO2 emissions of 149 tonnes.
Now take the alternative case of a midsize private jet that seats seven or eight people. This jet
would emit around 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The average spend of these types of
consumers totals around USD 85,000. This means that the private fliers manage to bring in 2.5x
more revenue to the economy whilst having a carbon footprint that is less than 1/10 th of the
commercial travellers.
If this significant economic boost with a much smaller carbon footprint is not enough of a reason
to view private charters as the green option, the private charter industry has been working on a
variety of green solutions. These solutions range from carbon offset programs, where you can
plant a number of trees to bring your carbon footprint to zero, to sustainable fuels. Just last year
40% of private planes displayed in Geneva at a premier business aviation show utilised
sustainable fuels.

The right way forward

Rather than tainting private charter planes as the villain, it is essential that people recognise the
benefits of private charter travel. Both in terms of being a green method to promote economic
growth while offering convenience and luxury in one package. Never has private charter travel
been so appealing.

If green is your color, contact AFI JET today and we will be happy to assist
you and plan an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.