Why Charter Flights Beat Commercial Flights

Why Charter Flights Beat Commercial Flights

Fri 08 Apr 2022

Why Charter Flights Beat Commercial Flights

Chartering a jet is often looked as a boondoggle splash out luxury only for the Royal without much insight into the value it can offer over flying commercial. The real advantages of chartering a private jet are in fact more than just luxury and interiors boasting aesthetically.

In this article, AFI JET will cover the 5 main benefits for corporate or leisure of flying private vs. commercial, from a practical perspective.

Time Saving
The time and hustle saving that can be realized when flying private are enormous. Access to closer airports, choosing when exactly to fly, avoiding exhaustive check-in, long immigration & baggage queues, arriving a few minutes before the flight as against hours for commercial flight, circumventing lengthy layovers, limousine waiting on arrival to escort passenger(s) to hotel or business meeting immediately; all accrue and add-up to substantial time saving and $$ where every minute is accounted for.

Hiring a charter is no different than any other productivity enhancement investment such as that in technology and innovations. If a legitimate corporate requirement causes executives to waste a high percentage of their work time travelling resulting in lower productivity, then chartering is worth a try. It also comes with benefits of high speed internet, ability to hold in-flight meetings and continue business as it would on land without the worry of other passengers overhearing sensitive business information or disturbing the basic productivity requirement of enough sleep.

Every minute detail is taken care of by the charter broker organizing a jet for the customer – from specialty food & drinks, aircraft matching the requirement of interiors & space, pets on board, luggage including taking on board product samples etc. It is all tailored to making the flight as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Private jets offer all-embracing comfort from takeoff to touchdown. Passengers are wholly covered – whether they wish to do business, sleep or just relax. Depending on the selected aircraft and its interiors, passengers can sit back and relax on anywhere from leather recliners to flat beds. Larger jets called “bizliners” treat passengers to sumptuous master bedrooms and fully equipped bathrooms with all necessary amenities.

Privacy is never compromised because an air charter departs and arrives at exclusive air terminals avoiding unwanted attention; and it comes with the utmost extravagance of the customer deciding who will accompany him/her on board.

Air travel need not be a time-wasting regimen stirring anxiety. If the gain in productivity exceeds the charter cost, then it is a positive investment paving way for growth of the business as well as the individual. It also eliminates the fixed cost of owning an aircraft.

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