Air Charter Service

Air Charter Service

Mon 23 May 2022

Air Charter Service

4 Reasons to Choose AFIJET's Air Charter Service

Air charter services are used by thousands of people across the globe. From busy business executives who need to get to meetings fast to seasoned travellers who like to arrive at the destination in style, air charter services offer passengers numerous advantages.

If you've ever considered chartering a private jet, you can enjoy the following benefits and more.

Major time-savings: One of the main reasons why private jets are used in the corporate world is their excellent time-saving advantages. When you opt for a private charter service, you don't have to travel to large, commercial airports that are often many miles away. Moreover, you can arrive at the airport moments before your flight, rather than the usual three hours. Since you won't have to navigate long security checks and busy check-in desks, you can get on with business as usual, or start your holiday the moment you step on board.

Bring your beloved pet on board: If you plan on travelling with your pet, private air travel is the way to go. Bring their bed and all their goodies on board, and enjoy a zero-stress travel experience. No longer do you have to house them in a tiny cage or contend with busy flights. This offers pets – and their owners – ultimate peace of mind.

Privacy and confidentiality: Another unbeatable perk of choosing a private charter service is the privacy factor. This is particularly important for top business executives who often have to work on big projects or host confidential meetings even while in the air. When you choose a private jet charter, you can continue with business as usual, safe in the knowledge that private information won't be leaked.

A bespoke experience: Perhaps the most exciting element of chartering an air service is the tailor-made experience you get to enjoy. When you work with one of the experienced trip-building professionals, you can add any amenities you choose, including entertainment, personalised décor, additional comfort items such as blankets and cushions, meeting facilities, and technological devices. Choose catering options as per your party's preferences and enjoy AFIJET's impressive selection of fine wines. When you choose us, you choose a world-class experience.

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