Mesmerizing Future of Private Jets

Mesmerizing Future of Private Jets

Fri 08 Apr 2022

Mesmerizing Future of Private Jets

We have been playing our part in the aviation industry. Catering to private jet travelers and thriving in matching our clients, with the right aircraft for their needs. There is a lot to learn, heralding revamp and redesign in this sector.

Why? Because big innovations have seemed to be on somewhat of a halt. There are changes happening, but not the ‘big’ ones that we want to see.

Will it stay on this not-so-steep growth curve for long? We believe not. So, if you have wondered how the future will affect the private jet charter industry, we trust there is good news. The industry is starting to analyze and work on modifying its current offerings. AFI JET can already see some of the future today and thus want to share it with you.

Private Jet – Today

The three words that would come to one’s mind when we talk of private jet are freedom, individuality and privacy. This indeed has been the nostalgic dream of the private jet. However, the expectations from private aviation are changing quite substantially.

Is the Next Change Coming? What is Driving it?

A fundamental change and revolution occur when a few trends occur together. Private aviation is going to be in a dynamic and ever-changing state in some years, how many, well we’re not sure yet. Private jet travelers in the years to come will surely travel differently. They are now demanding more than the usual freedom to travel, individuality and privacy.

What trends and expectations will drive the future of private jets?

Evolving concept of ‘luxury’: Jet interiors currently are the product of highly sophisticated engineering environment. The idea of luxury has been standalone components – comfortable seats and beds, good layout, etc. Moving forward, it needs to drift away from the focus on individual products to an overall integrated experience.
Customization: An era of customization in private jets is on the horizon more than it has been ever before.
Improving Productivity & Travelling Experience: Current users of private jets still do not have the frontier of technology that is available on the ground.
That’s why the private jet of the future will be different that what we see today. How? Keep reading:

Focus on Customization & Ultimate Private Jet Interiors:
Until now interior innovations and design have merely focused on donning the traditional elements created by engineers and not on creating eloquent spaces. However, we expect the private jet of future to have a whole new game of aircraft interiors and will take flying private in style to a new higher level. It will be an overall experience that will further strengthen its property as a fashion statement + deliver more meaningful spaces.

Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa are working on creating an exemplary futuristic design concept.

No it is not fiction, it is very real and the ultimate luxury private-jet interior…a true work of art. There are no timelines as to when we will see this on board. When launched, it is bound to give travelers a new meaning to flying private.

More luxury designer brands are also stepping into the aircraft design space such as Versace and Armani. Other leading brands are soon expected to follow suit.

Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFEC):
Aviation, in general, has come a long way from the early days of entertainment and technology in-flight. According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global market for IFEC is expected to touch $9.82 billion by 2024. Many of us have seen that one-screen playing a movie, didn’t matter of our choice or not, that excited us because at least there was ‘some entertainment’. Today, we have access to pretty much anything we want to see at 40,000 feet.

Currently, our private jet customers have the liberty to tailor their experience further, by indicating their choice of an aircraft with faster connectivity so that they can stream live sports or news. From here where will this go?

Many trials of inflight technologies are underway to make travelling even more fun. Efficient high-speed Internet connection will become commonplace. The new era will introduce a wide array of option at fingertips, from interactive zones with games, virtual reality screens, theatre like surround sound to joining your friends on ground for a game night virtually.

Wide Offering, From ‘Uber’ Style to High End Customized
Many more people will travel private jet. Ranging from multi-billionaires who own their own customized private jets or hire one, to those with modest budget who will fly in uber-style when desired. Of course, you usually get what you pay for, but the option to fly freedom, individuality and privacy is always a good thing, isn’t it?

Some private jets of the future will fly faster than the speed of sound. The world’s first supersonic private jet spearheaded by Lockheed Martin and Aerion will comfortably fit 12 passengers at a cruising speed of Mach 1.4 when flying over water.

We are eagerly waiting for this futuristic air transportation age way beyond the driver-less cars. It is a laborious task for the innovators in aviation to bring forth the new era. So it will take some time before users see tangible results. The future of private jet – we are looking forward to the luster of your arrival!

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