Empty Leg Private Jet

Empty Leg Private Jet

Mon 21 Mar 2022

Empty Leg Private Jet

Charter a private jet with a discount of up to 90%
Empty legs are all private charter flights that fly without passengers on their way to reposition themselves from one airport to another. Browse our list below and save up to 90% on the price of your private jet flight today.

About your empty legs
Our schedule is very dynamic, and therefore our flights positioning is subject to change every hour. To ensure the fastest service for our passengers, the prices for our empty legs follow a logarithmic formula. As the flight gets closer to its performance, the lower its price will become. Should you want to book an empty-leg flight two days in advance, for example, the price will be almost identical to a regular private jet flight. An empty leg flight price can go as low as to cost you € 590.

Because their route is inevitably scheduled, empty leg flights let you reach hub or leisure destinations like London, Nice, or Olbia by saving up to 90% off the regular price of a private jet flight.

How do you book a last-minute flight?
As soon as an empty leg becomes available, AFIJET will offer it online and update this page. In the fortunate case that the provided routes match with your preferred destination, you can go ahead with your online booking and charter your private jet for yourself and three additional passengers.
Empty leg travelers benefit from all the advantages of a private flight, except that availabilities may be subject to changes.

Why is it so convenient?
- You can save up to 90% on a regular private jet trip
- You can book an aircraft for you and three other passengers
You can reach your destinations in comfort and style
- You can save valuable time on your transfers
- You can fly comfortably with your pet on board

How will your journey go?
When you charter a flight that flies empty on its way to reposition for the next passenger, you benefit from excellent in-flight and after-flight services.
Your private jet experience will have all the advantages of a standard flight with AFIJET, plus the one of the price.